Autodesk : Construction industry ready for digital transformation! Results from global IDC study put Europe in the vanguard

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August 07, 2020


Worldwide IDC study: Construction industry ready for the digital transformation, Europe in the vanguard. Source: Autodesk

Autodesk and the market research institute IDC present the results of a new IDC InfoBrief on “Digital Transformation: The Future of Connected Construction”. The IDC InfoBrief was commissioned by Autodesk and is based on a survey of 835 major construction companies in Europe, Asia, and North and South America – including 51 from Germany. The companies were asked about the status and challenges of the digital transformation in the industry. Europe as a whole is very well positioned in the digital construction sector: For 82 percent of the construction companies surveyed in Europe, digitization is a priority for their company. This puts them 10 percent above the global average (72 percent).

Germany: Digitization first the obligation, then the free skating
German companies tend to take a conservative approach to digitization: minimizing risk is the greatest challenge for 18 percent of the companies surveyed in this country. Currently, companies are investing primarily in project management software (49 percent) and are planning to invest in quantity take-off software (33 percent). For the future, a quarter of the construction companies in Germany intend to score points above all in the areas of analytics and Big Data: 25 percent of the companies surveyed are planning investments in this area in the next 18 months.

Working on a digital construction site ©-Autodesk

In the area of BIM, Germany is making a cautious entry: From December 31, 2020, it will be mandatory to use BIM software for publicly awarded transport projects – in keeping with this, only two percent of German construction companies will not issue tenders if BIM projects are required. According to study results, around 65 percent of construction companies in Germany have personnel with BIM expertise – around 12 percent of companies have to outsource BIM projects because they do not have specialist personnel with BIM skills. 35 percent of the surveyed companies in Germany are currently investing in BIM-based workflows, 31 percent are planning further investments.

“The construction industry worldwide is facing the challenge of having to achieve more with less and more,” says Marek Suchocki, Industry Engagement Lead at Autodesk. “We need more infrastructure, but we have a shortage of skilled workers and declining margins. To increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage in this climate, companies must embrace digitization and network their teams, workflows and data. Germany is a good example of how digitized construction companies can create real added value”.

Companies face five digital blockades on the way to digitization
The study identifies a total of five blockades that companies must overcome on the way to a successful digital transformation. For the majority of the construction companies surveyed worldwide, the biggest hurdle is creating a strategic and tactical roadmap for implementing technology investments (46 percent), followed by scaling digitization through projects (42 percent) and creating digital KPIs to evaluate success (37 percent). Fourth place goes to the use of digital expertise within the company (36 percent), fifth place to the implementation of digital workflows across the entire company (29 percent).

When companies overcome these five blockages, they can move beyond the early and intermediate stages of digital transformation. According to the results of the study, 58 percent of global construction companies are still in the early stages of their transformation projects, 28 percent see themselves in midfield and 13 percent are already in the final stages of their transformation. For these companies, digitization is at the heart of their internal processes and leads to a clear competitive advantage.

Methodology of the study
Within the scope of the study, decision-makers from a total of 835 companies were questioned in an online and telephone survey on the status of the digital transformation as well as their challenges, priorities and prerequisites for digitization. IDC placed particular emphasis on the unique challenges and priorities in the construction industry.61 percent of the participants work in business areas, 39 percent in corporate IT. With a total of 51 of the largest construction companies in Germany, the study covers the largest companies in the construction industry in this country.

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