Reliable airlift in the pandemic

Geomnibus Newsroom
May 29, 2020


On February 6, 2020 at 9:00 a.m., a drone took off from the People’s Hospital of Xinchang District. Its destination was the disease control centre of Xinchang district, one of the provinces in China most severely affected by the virus. It was the launch of the first “urban air transport channel” with medical supplies to combat the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).


This flight was carried out by Antwork, a company based in China specialising in drone delivery. When news of the blockade in Wuhan became known on 23 January, Antwork immediately contacted the health and disease control departments of various regions. The company thus took the initiative to submit a petition for technical support for drone airlift for the medical facilities on the front lines in the fight against the epidemic. With success: the use of drones has increased transport speed by more than 50% compared to road transport, which has proven to be a more efficient means of transport for disease prevention and control. The drones also alleviate the shortage of personnel, as more and more medical personnel and ambulances are being transferred to the front lines – making optimum use of human and material resources.

In DRONES AGAINST CORONA, Antwork COO Zhao Liang presents the benefits of drones in the fight against the corona virus:

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