Rescued by drones – map shows search missions

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July 01, 2020


Increasingly, drones are assisting emergency services worldwide in search and rescue missions. The drone manufacturer DJI has now published an interactive map showing how widespread the use of drones is in such acute situations. The map shows rescue missions that have been carried out with the help of drones. The platform makes use of social media posts and press releases from police authorities. The map currently shows rescue missions from 27 countries, the first documented mission dates back to 2013.

Only missions in which the drone was successful are recorded

Included in the map are missions in which, for example, people have been missing in forest areas or are floating helplessly in water. According to DJI, only situations are recorded in which drones have made a significant contribution to the success of the mission: by finding, rescuing or directly supporting the persons.

Drones revolutionize the work of rescuers

“Public safety workers already know how drones are revolutionizing their work, and now the rest of the world can see their amazing stories in one place”, says Romeo Durscher, DJI Senior Director of Public Safety Integration. Users can also use a contact form to fill in the card themselves with rescue operations involving drones.

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